Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ladybug and 3rd place

Last week was the Trunk or Treat at church, however Andy and my mom wouldn't let me go. However my mom took lots of pictures to make me "feel" like I was there. Emily went as a lady bug. This costume has gotten passed down a lot and was orignally worn by my 9 year old niece Afton. But I had been having trouble even getting Emily to try it on recently so I never went and got her any black pants or shoes. However using the lollipop was the trick on getting the costume on. Hopefully next Halloween Emily will actually smile and not look so terrified in every picture.

The best part of the night (besides eating all Emily's candy) was that my chili won 3rd place in the chili cook off. Woo Hoo! I can't take all the credit since I took the recipe from my sister's recipe blog.


Carolina Chocolate said...

Congrats on the chili win and Emily looks so cute in her ladybug costume. I'll have to check out your sister's recipe.

Keep up the good work on taking it easy.

Jen said...

How cute! Doesn't it just suck being on bed rest? Em is a cutie! Not much longer now!