Sunday, October 5, 2008

Future Fire Chief

Some of us from church have decided to go on "fun outings" every 2 weeks. The first outing was the fire station. The kids got to tour the station, see the fireman get dressed in the uniform and then get up in the fire truck. Unfortunately Emily wasn't too excited about any of this. She wanted me to hold her the whole time and kept asking to go outside. She had NO desire to get up in the fire truck. She eventually got down and walked around once they passed out the fire hats. Some days she is a free spirit and could care less about mommy and daddy, other days she is a very shy and won't out of our arms. You never know what you are going to get with her. Hopefully these outings and our other playgroup will help bring her out of her shell!


Jennifer said...

What a cutie! Hopefully, she will become more independent once Sarah comes, but not too independent! :) Take care!

Perky's Posts said...

Hi. My name is Christy Perkins, Andy probably remembers me as Christy Branscomb. We were in the same ward in W-S. I found your blog from one of our friends. I have a blog too but it is private but I can invite you if you want to e-mail your e-mail address at Your family is cute! Blogging is such a funny way to keep in touch!

Carolina Chocolate said...

That is so funny that Christy just posted. We just exchanged blogs as well. Funny timing!
Hey guys! Emily is looking so cute and getting so big! I love the idea of going out to FUN activities. I'm eager to see the places you go. Suzanne, you're lookin' good!