Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catch Up

OK, I am trying to play catch up here.
Let's start with New Year's Eve... we spent it with lots of Boney's and had a yummy breakfast dinner. And guess who stayed up until midnight??! Yes, we let our 2 year old stay up. We were going to go home early, but she was having fun with Simon and his cousins and we were watching the UNC game. She did pretty good until 12 when she started dancing and tripped over a toy. What a way to bring in the new year!

Then that weekend we went down to my dad's for our Christmas exchange and the to watch the UNC game.

Don't you love Andy and his Carolina girls??! Unfortunately these cheerleaders didn't cheer loud enough and they lost. And today we are down right now against Wake. I am seriously stressing that my girls are going to wake up with all the yelling Andy is doing. (And Tom I will delete your comment if you post smack about this game!)

This week we went to Petco for a tour with the playgroup. I had been trying to get Emily excited about petting a snake. However she had no desire to pet the parrot, snake or breaded dragon. But she was all about petting the furry animals... ferret, guinea pig and chinchilla (none of which we will EVER have as pets! Do you hear that Nana??) On a side note, my neice, who my mom did buy a guinea pig for, walks it on a leash and carries it in a purse around the house. Is that not hilarious??! Anyways, Emily has an animal book with a pictures of all the animals she petted, so she loves pointing them out now. I had no idea what a chinchilla even was. The tour was really fun (thanks Erin for setting it up)! Afterwards we had lunch at Chick Fila and all the girls looked so cute eating lunch together. And I really enjoyed chatting with the other mommies

So Emily had a little sticker fun with Sarah while I was in the shower. However I was very glad that she didn't get pu t any on her face. If this is the worst thing she does it Sarah, I think we are going to be OK! However Sarah doesn't really look like she appreciated the stickers.


Christine said...

Sounds like you all are busy having lots of fun. For the record, Leah does do all of those things with our guinea pigs because she LOVES them and she is TRYING to prove to me that she would be an awesome dog owner. Nana, don't get any ideas!

Tom and Jane Schell said...

I am a completely unbiased observer, and I must say that Emily is such an adorable little girl.

Oh, and I do not wish to talk smack about Carolina. I only wish to offer my sincere condolences... Please know, There is no shame in the last place team in the ACC getting beat by the eventual #1 team in the nation. Andy, I'm here if you need me, brother.

With Love,


P.S. Suzanne, how could you delete this post after I said such nice things about Emily in it?

Kory said...

Could you email me John Boney's phone number? Allen has been trying to get in touch with him. :)

my email is


Sarah and Devin said...

Wow, I l-o-v-e their Carolina outfits!! They are the cutest! Let's hope the heels play better tonight!!

Jen said...

You guys have a lot of great play dates! We need to start doing more of those around here.