Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sarah @ 2 months

Sarah hit the 2 month mark on Sunday. At her dr's appointment, she weighed 11lbs 9 oz. She was in the 75th percentile!!! Woo Hoo! It is fun having a "big" baby that has such cute cheeks and things that I love to nuzzle on. However Emily was in the 50th percentile at her 2 month check up. It wasn't until the 4 month that she started going down, so we will see how Sarah turns out.

At 2 months, Sarah...

smiles a lot

has started to coo

loves to fall asleep in mommy's arms or on her shoulder

slept for 7 hours one night, but is back to waking up every 3 -4 hours

has a strawberry birth mark on the bottom of her face

gets stories read to her by Emily

is great in the car and when we are out and about

I tried to take some pics to document the 2 month mark, however I have learned that it takes more than a nice camera to get a good shot. It might help if I wasn't trying to prop up a baby that can't hold herself up while fighting off a 2 year old that wants to get in the picture.


Nika said...

I can just picture the the whole photo shoot. I think the pictures are good.

Tom and Jane Schell said...

I can't believe she is already 2 months old. Wow, what a cutie.

Ashley said...

What a cutie! My favorite one is where she is kind of sticking out her tongue.

Tom and Jane Schell said...

Man, I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks! Chubby cheeks are the best.


Jen said...