Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cousins' Christmas Party

A few days after Christmas, my mom and I took the girls up to my sister's house for the Cousins Christmas Party. The drive was actually pretty bearable since Emily got a portable DVD player for Christmas. We did have to stop to buy some more DVDs because we could only take so much Elmo. And Sarah is a dream baby in the car.

The kids had drawn names for the present exchange and they got gifts from Nana. The "favorite" present was the drum set for Nick from Nana. All the kids took turns being "rock stars."

Me and my lovely sisters and mom (and my crying baby)

Leah fixed Leland and Emily's hair, as well as her own headband style. Too cute!

The other kids missed out on the hair styling, but they are still cuties!

Emily LOVED some Uncle Todd. She could not get enough of him!

And she loved banging (I mean, playing) on the piano with Lucy.

We stayed at my Aunt Barbara's house (or Baba, as Emily called her). That is always a treat, but was a special treat this time since was cousin Joe was home from Yale. I don't think I had seen him since my wedding, five years ago.